The Mylle family

“Het Bintjeshof” is a part of a farm that was purchased by René Mylle and his wife Godelieve Leavens. René and Godelieve had five children. After they retired, the farm was taken over by their oldest son André. When he retired in his turn, the company passed on to the second old son Roger.

Roger Mylle wanted to be sure to keep the farm in the family. He expanded the business, but focus exclusively on growing potatoes. The result of this was that the farm buildings stood empty and then he came up whit the idea of converting the buildings into a bed & breakfast. A springboard for the increasingly large group of people who appreciate this green region.

Because the whole B&B revolves around potatoes and because the Bintje potato variety is the one most frequently used by the Mylle family enterprise, the B&B was christened “Het Bintjeshof”.